Hi, I am Marlena!


I had an instant fascination with Reflexology after my very first treatment as a young teenager with hereditary lower back problems. I couldn’t believe the results I received from those treatments. I spent many years dreaming about becoming a Reflexologist until one day, I knew it was finally time to pursue my passion of Reflexology.

I completed my diploma in 2016 after 3 hard years of studying, whilst still working and raising two young children. I hadn’t studied a thing since leaving high school after grade 10, let alone learning something so far from my usual occupation.  My working life to this point was administration work including reception, accounts clerk, dispatch clerk and payroll, I even dabbled in dump truck driving.

Despite it being a testing, stressful time, I found it so liberating and fascinating to learn further about the complexity of the human body and the fantastic benefits of Reflexology.

I have a passion for assisting people to deal with stress and anxiety, which is so prevalent in today's society. There is a myriad of effects these issues have on the human body and I love working with my clients to assist in relieving their symptoms. 

Another great love within my clinic is assisting mothers on their journey to, through and after pregnancy. Growing little humans can take its toll on a mother, not only physically but mentally and emotionally, giving these mums an hour of relaxation can make a world of difference to their well being.

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